May 2022 – Dr. Zhen Ma (PI) collaborating with Dr. James Henderson (co-PI) received an internal CUSE grant “Understanding cardiomyocyte autonomous repair of sarcomere microinjury induced by active mechanical actuation based on shape memory polymer substrate”.

April 2022 – Chenyan Wang and Tackla Winston both received Graduate Summer Dissertation Fellowship.

March 2022 – Chenyan Wang received Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work.

January 2022 – Dr. Zhen Ma received Internal COVID Relief Award for Graduate Student Support. 

November 2021 – Tackla Winston received 2nd Place Award of Stevenson Biomaterial Lecture Rapid-Fire Presentation.

November 2021 – Dr. Zhen Ma (PI) collaborating with Dr. James Henderson (co-PI) received NSF Award from CMMI-BMMB on the project of “Probing Cellular Dynamic Mechanobiology Using Human Cardiomyocytes on a Stimuli-Responsive Nano-Topographic Substrate”.

July 2021 – Dr. Ma received multiple internal Small Equipment Grants: (1) Acquiring a hypoxic cell culture system (PI); (2) High-speed centrifuge for biomaterials and bioinspired research (co-PI); (3) Automated histology system for paraffin based tissue processing, embedding and sectioning (co-PI).

July 2021 – Yuanhui Song received nCounter® Stem Cell Grant from NanoString

May 2021 – Bearett Tarris received Bioengineering Founders Award

May 2021 – Plansky Hoang received All University Doctor Prize for her PhD dissertation.

May 2021 – Plansky Hoang received Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Chemical Engineering.

December 2020 – Dr. Zhen Ma (co-PI) teaming with Dr. Era Jain (PI) received Internal BioInspired Seed Grant for their collaborative research “Designer Microgels for Generation of Synthetic Blastocyst Mimics”

May 2020 – Dr. Zhen Ma received Internal Gerber grant of “Generating Inner Ear Stem Cell organoids for Hearing Loss Repair”

May 2020 – Dr. Zhen Ma received Internal CUSE grant of “Interdisciplinary Biomaterials Seminar Series”

May 2020 – Dr. Zhen Ma (co-PI) teaming with Dr. Teng Zhang (PI) received Internal CUSE grant for their collaborative research “An Integrated Modeling and Experimentation Platform to Explore the Biophysical Mechanisms of Tissue Structures and Mechanics”

April 2020 – Bearett Tarris received SU SOURCE scholarship for remote summer research experience.

April 2020 – Dr. Zhen Ma received NIH R01 from NICHD on the project of “Establishing an In Vitro Embryotoxicity Risk Classification System Based on Human Cardiac Organoid Model”.

March 2020 – Tackla Winston won the 2nd place prize in the poster presentation competition at Stevenson Biomaterials Lecture.

January 2020 – Dr. Zhen Ma (co-PI) teaming with Dr. Pranav Soman (PI) received NIH R21 grant from NIAMS Institute on the project of “In Vitro Model to Study the Role of Microvascular Physiology in Regulation Osteogenesis”

January 2020 – Dr. Zhen Ma received NSF CAREER Award from CBET-EBMS on the project of “Engineering Stem Cell-based Cardiac Organoids”.

August 2019 – Dr. Zhen Ma received 2nd Poster Competition Award at Asian Cardiovascular Symposium at Basic Cardiovascular Sciences (BCVS-AHA) Scientific Sessions.

April 2019 – Shiyang Sun passed his master thesis defense “Dynamic Change of Cardiomyocytes on Shape Memory Polymer”. Congratulations!

March 2019 – Chenyan Wang won the research pitch competition 1st place grand prize at 2019 ECS Research Day.

March 2019 – Adriana Archilla is accepted by NDnano at University of Notre Dame for summer research experience. Congratulations!

March 2019 – Sarah Moore gave a podium presentation at NEBEC as an undergrad researcher. She has been accepted by Temple University for a doctoral graduate program. Congratulations!

February 2019 – Dr. Zhen Ma received Internal Small Equipment Grant to fund a upright confocal microscope to enhance 3D biology at Syracuse University.

November 2018 – NIH Director Blog covers our article in Nature Biomedical Engineering. Link: Modeling Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in a Dish.

November 2018 – Plansky Hoang received AHA predoctoral fellowship.

October 2018 – Plansky Hoang gave one oral presentation and one poster presentation at BMES annual meeting.

August 2018 – Lauren Lammers graduated from our “Rising High School Senior” program with 10 weeks experience on cardiac contractile behaviors.

June 2018 – Kantaphon Suddhapas graduated with a master thesis “Fabrication of 3D tissue constructs using standing post platform”

June 2018 – Dr. Zhen Ma received NSF Grant “Collaborative Research: Engineering Human 3D Cardiac Tissue Model of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy”

April 2018 – Sarah Moore received SU Undergraduate Summer Research Award for 10-week research during Summer 2018.

April 2018 – Plansky Hoang is awarded with Best Commercialization Potential Poster Award at Poster Session of SBI Stevenson Lecture

April 2018 – Dr. Zhen Ma received Collaboration for Unprecedented Success and Excellence (CUSE) Grant for collaborative research with Dr. M. Lisa Manning at Dept. Physics.

March 2018 – Plansky Hoang is awarded with best BMCE department poster presentation and 2nd place on pitch competition at ECS Research Day.

March 2018 – Our paper is featured as cover article at Nature Protocols. About this cover

January 2018 – Reported in SU News – How to Fix a Broken Heart

November 2017 – Dr. Zhen Ma received Lush Prize Young Researchers at Americas

October 2017 – Plansky Hoang is accepted by SU WiSE Program.

August 2017 – Shin Hyuk Bang is accepted by Cornell University Biomedical Engineering Program with full-ride scholarship. Good luck with your future study!

August 2017 – REU student Alex Li is awarded 3rd places in SU Undergraduate Poster Symposium.

May 2017 – Tackla Winston is accepted SU STEM fellowship.

April 2017 – Shin Hyuk Bang is accepted Honorable Mention for CFSA Young Research Fellows Program.

February 2017 – Samantha Santoni is nominated as Astronaut Scholarship to represent Syracuse University for national competition.

January 2017 – Reported in SU News – The Origins of Healing

September 2016 – We’re reported in Orange Daily – Syracuse University to use $1 million donation for stem cell research.

September 2016 – STEM Lab is highlighted in SU News – $1M Investment from Nappis Establishes Stem Cell Research Activities. 

August 2016 – Dr. Ma received travel fund from Disease Models & Mechanisms Journal, The Biologists, to attend Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) .

July 2016 – Dr. Zhen Ma will start as an assistant professor at Department of Biomedical & Chemical Engineering in Syracuse University.