Postdoctoral Researchers

We’re looking for postdoctoral researchers with intensive experimental experience. The candidates are expected to work on microfluidics and microdevices design and fabrication for organ-on-chip studies. For inquires regarding postdoc position in STEM Lab, please send an email to Dr. Ma with a detailed CV, 3 representative publications and 2 potential research projects.

Graduate Research Assistants

We’re looking for talented and devoted graduate student to join our STEM Lab. For inquiries regarding current availability of graduate research assistantships, please send an email to Dr. Zhen Ma with a detailed CV. Those with a background in biological┬ácell culture, material science and bioengineering are highly encouraged to apply.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

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We’re looking for motivated and inquisitive undergraduate students, who like to gain hands-on research experience in a multidisciplinary lab setting. We encourage sophomore students to join the lab, but senior students will not be considered. Please send an email to Dr. Zhen Ma with your CV, brief personal statement and career goal.